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I normally pride myself on being pretty self-sufficient. I like to cook my own food that I bought from the grocery store, not use one of those subscription box services delivered to my house. I like to walk my dog instead of using one of those apps where strangers will do it for you. I like to look around my house and know that things get done because of my hard work.

Things changed, however, after getting my promotion. The transition period has been particularly difficult. I am working longer hours at the office, with more responsibilities and increased importance in the work I produce. The paycheck is nice, but it’s been difficult for me to reconcile not being able to accomplish everything I used to do around the house.

I am still able to cook for myself, thankfully. But some things have fallen through the cracks. I noticed that I have not been able to cut my lawn with the same frequency I normally prefer. So I looked at lawn care companies in my area and found that Midwest Lawn Co was by far the most recommended and well-reviewed.

Apparently, lawn businesses have a reputation for cutting corners or not delivering the services you pay for. Midwest Lawn Co, however, has been operating in the Chesterfield area and West County suburbs for more than a decade. Not only are they are super talented, but they are also able to cut lawns for professional and residential properties!

Obviously, I am more concerned about my lawn in front of my house getting cut as often as I was able to before my new job. But it’s good to know that if my employer ever needs a recommendation for a good lawn care company, I’ll be able to tell them about Midwest Lawn Co.

Something that I thought was also interesting from clicking around on their website was that they offer landscaping services. Softscapes refer to things that are fluid or will evolve with time (such as plant or grass features) whereas hardscapes refer to features that are more permanent such as rocks designed in a certain way or fountains. Apparently, the ideal balance is a mixture of both features. And Midwest Lawn Co can do that, too!

With my promotion, maybe I’ll save up for some landscaping work as a present to myself! It would certainly look better than the sunflowers I planted years ago that have now begun to wither due to my amateur experience with landscaping. Seems like this company knows what they are doing.

It is refreshing to see a company that operates with integrity. And the results have been fantastic so far! They’ve cut my lawn a few times over the past couple of months and my lawn looks tidier and more professional than it has ever looked in the past decade I’ve been living in my home. Needless to say, I am very satisfied with my new lawn service.

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